ethOS is a Crypto-Mining oriented OS (Operating System) using Linux ubuntu.

Let’s see how to install Nagios-NRPE-Server package in order to monitor our RIG with a Nagios server on the other side.


  • Firstly elevate as root, it will be easier for the whole installation process:
sudo -s


  • Install nagios-nrpe-server package using the ubuntu packager even if not recommend, this one won’t affect ethOS install :
apt-get-ubuntu update

apt-get-ubuntu install nagios-nrpe-server


  • (Optional) create a symlink in order to acces your nagios config file easily :
ln -s /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg /etc/nrpe.cfg


  • Edit your new config file, do not forget to change the allowed_host parameter according to your nagios server ‘s ip:
nano /etc/nrpe.cfg


  • Now setup your check according to your needs and Nagios skills.
  • I would recommend you to use those two scripts that I’ve made especially for Monitoring ethOS:
    • Check_RIG-Hash (Nagios Nrpe check in order to monitor your Hash rate by GPUs)
    • Check_RIG-Temp (Nagios Nrpe check in order to monitor your Temperature in C by GPUs)