ethOS is a Crypto-Mining oriented OS (Operating System) using Linux ubuntu.

I will quickly cover some of my best practises in order to “secure” and use your ethOS the good way.


I would recommend installing ethOS on a min. 8 GB USB drive. You don’t need classic hdd or even ssd, they will consume more power than a usb. (we are talking here about rig optimisations 😉 )

As you may know ethOS is not the most secure OS you can find, so as a paranoid person let’s do some classic settings and basic checks:

Once installed,

  • Update EthOs to latest version
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    sudo ethos-update reupdate && sleep 5 && reboot
  • Change ethos user password
  • Change root user password
  • Check the users created by default in your setup in /etc/passwd
  • Check that no ssh key has been hidden in the system
  • Change SSH Port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  • Restart ssh service then by running :
sudo service ssh restart
  • Remove teamviewer :
sudo /opt/ethos/bin/remove-teamviewer
  • Remove default remote config :
> /home/ethos/remote.conf
  • Setup your Local.conf
  • Upadte to latest version :
sudo ethos-update
  • Reboot