May 11, 2012


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David Bayle

Montréal, QC, CANADA

Email :

Skills :

  • Languages: French & English, Spanish [school]
  • Linux server administration (System administration)
  • High Performance Computing (HPC clusters: CPU & GPU)
  • Virtual environment management (Openstack, VMware, KVM, Proxmox, )
  • High Availability Sites/System management (Load balancers, proxys, failover systems, ..)
  • High Availability Storage (CEPH, ZFS, DRBD, GlusterFS..)
  • Panel solutions (cPanel, Plesk, …)
  • Storage solutions (Nexenta, FreeNAS, NetApp, Linux NFS server, ISCII JBODs, ..)
  • VOip systems (Freebpx, Trixbox, Cisco systems, Polycom, etc..)
  • Email servers + Filtering systems ((Postfix/Exim, SA-Amavis,Dovecot,..) Barracuda, SpamHaus, Blacklist management, etc..)
  • LAMP solutions (Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Galera, Varnish, etc..)
  • Networking (Troubleshooting, VPNs (openVPN, Cisco VPN, ..), Router/Switch configuration, Firewalling (iptables, pfsense, ..))
  • Datacenter Management (Nagios, Nagios scripting, Centreon, Load & Temperature sensor, UPS & Generator monitoring, ..)
  • Scripting (Bash, Python, Perl, C/C++, LUA)

Work experiences :

Senior System Administrator                                                                                  december 2018 – now

Bitfarms, Brossard, QC.

  • Senior System Administrator
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Cloud Infrastructure Manager

Senior System Administrator  / Infrastructure Manager                                       3 years 8 months (march 2015 – nov. 2018)

GloboTech Communications /Nworks, Montréal, QC.

  • Senior System Administrator
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Cloud Infrastructure Manager
  • Sys-admin team Supervisor

IT Director / Linux Senior Analyst                                                                             4 years 5 months (sept. 2010 – feb. 2015)

CYBERLOGIC Inc., Montréal, QC.

  •  Internet Services Manager (all hosting types, data-center space rental, DNS management, infrastructure management, high volume site management, management and development of the internal infrastructure, ..)
  • Linux system administration [Server administration (Unix: Linux / Windows, Open-Solaris)]
  • Datacenter Management (load & temperature sensor, APC (battery), generator, etc..)
  • Virtual environment management (VMware ESXi, KVM, Proxmox, …)
  • High Availability Storage (OpenSolaris / Nexenta / Open Indiana)
  • High Availability Sites management (load balancers, failover systems, …)
  • Storage (FreeNAS / NetApp / Linux NFS server /ISCII Jbods etc..)
  • Supervising the linux analysts team
  • Project management related to Internet hosting services and R. & D.
  • Consulting, audit and external interventions. (external consultant)
  • Networking (troubleshoot, sniffing, VPNs (openVPN, Cisco VPN,etc..) router/switch config, pfsense,…)
  • Email servers + Filtering systems


LINUX: CentOS, uBuntu, Debian, Gentoo, RedHat, Scientific Linux. VIRT: VMWare ESXi, Kvm. ZFS: OpenSolaris, Nexenta, OpenIndiana, Illumian

OTHERS: NAS storage, HPC servers, Clustering, GPU-Clustering(CUDA Technologies).

System Administrator                                                                                           1 year & 3 months

ZEROSPAM Sécurité Inc., Montréal, QC.

  • Production environment’s supervision & Security Patch
  • Level 2 Technical Support
  • System Administration and Survey
  • Development of Perl & Python modules / scripts.
  • Technological environment: Linux Ubuntu 8.04 LTS & 9.10, Debian5, CentOS, Postfix, Amavis-d, SpamAssassin

System Administrator                                                                                           3 months

Société Uninov, Montréal, QC.

  • Creation of an “on demand” VPN solution for remote access purpose.
  • Installation and configure environment: Debian server and PPTP with transparent Squid.

Solution Developer                                                                                                2 months

Centre Richebois, Marseille, FR.

  • Setting up a remote monitoring solution.
  • Installing a LAMP solution and service NX (NoMachine) on Debian.
  • Environment setup (access secure, ssh, iptables …).

Développeur de solution                                                                                        8 months

Société Anezo, Aix en Provence, FR.

  • Development of a software package designed to support reproductive function for perforated paper; implementing three separate sets. (1 acquisition system, a database, a perforation system)

[about 3700 lines of code] (C + +, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) ActiveX Control / OCX; MySQL, use of digital input/output couplers between different physical systems)

Network Administrator                                                                                           3 months

Centre Richebois, Marseille, FR.

  • Management, maintenance and IT support in a professional training center (300 computers).
  • Migration of the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Monitoring and Auditing network.
  • Deputy Head equipment procurement, cross-site interventions.

Network Administrator                                                                                           4 months

Imprimerie Hexagone, Aix en Provence, FR.

  • Setting up and managing network for small business.
  • Wiring and installation of computer equipment (40 computers).
  • Responsible for purchase of equipment, management and maintenance.

Other experiences :

Transporteur en Messagerie

Société Norbert-Dentressangle, Gignac, FR.

Driver: vehicle truck 3.5T : delivering/carrier in the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur (PACA-France).


Association APARE / Alpes de Lumières

Restoration of ancient heritage, wall repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

  • 2003-Château d’Alleins (13)
  • 2004-Bergerie de Lardiers (04)

Education :

International Master of Computer Science – M.Sc (Promotion 2011) – [Supinfo] (Montréal-CA)


2010/11     2nd  year International Master of Computer Science [Supinfo] (Montréal-CA)

2009/10     1st  year International Master of Computer Science [Supinfo] (Montréal-CA)

2008/09     1st  year International Bachelor of Computer Science [Supinfo] (Montréal-CA)

2008        BTS: Brevet de Technicien Supérieur [Lycée Vauvenargues] (Aix en Provence-FR)

                        (BTS IRIS = 2 years in university for a technical degree in computer science)

2007/08      2nd année BTS IRIS [Lycée Vauvenargues] (Aix en Provence-FR)

                        (IRIS: Informatique et Réseaux pour l’Industrie et les Services techniques)

2006/07      1st  year BTS IRIS [Lycée Vauvenargues] (Aix en Provence-FR)

2005/06      1st  year IUT Génie Électronique et Informatique Industrielle [IUT St. Jérome] (Marseille-FR)

2005              French Baccalauréat (option: Engineering Sciences) [Lycée St. Joseph] (Avignon-FR)

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