Senior Linux SysAdmin
Infrastructure Manager


Virtual environment management

Openstack (Kilo, Mitaka, Pike), VMware (vCenter, vSan, ESXi, ), Proxmox, KVM, ..

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High Availability Storage solutions

CEPH, ZFS, DRBD, GlusterFS, Shared network storages (SAN/NAS), JBODs, ..

High Availability Sites management

Load balancers, proxys, failover systems, redundant networks, DNS, , API proxys, service fail-over, ..

Datacenter management & monitoring

Nagios, Nagios scripting, Centreon, Load & Temperature sensor, UPS & Generator monitoring, ..


Auto Provisioning, Ansible, Scripting Bash, Python, Unix Service coding and edition, …

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Container management

Docker, Docker-io, OpenVZ, ..

Knowledge base / Wiki, scripts, personal projects and github

About me

Languages: French & English, Spanish [school]

- External consulting
- Linux server management (system administration)
- Virtual environment management (Openstack, VMware, Proxmox, ...)
- Container environment management (Docker)
- High Availability Storage solutions (CEPH, ZFS, DRBD, GlusterFS..)
- High Availability Sites management (load balancers, proxys, failover systems, ...)
- High Availability System management (DNS, redundant API proxys, service fail-over, ...)
- Datacenter management & monitoring (load & temperature sensor, APC (battery), generator, etc..)
- Networking (troubleshooting, VPNs (openVPN, Cisco VPN,..), VLANs, router/switch config, pfsense, …)

- High Performance Computing (HPC) (CPU & GPU),
- Bash scripting
- Python, Perl, (C , C++ , LUA)

  • Multiple RaspberryPi projects, Nagios custom scripts writings, personnal cloud multisite based using Proxmox + ZFS replication, ..

  • Using strong encryption systems is my way of life.
    OpenVPN multisites, Personal Yubikeys for my daily usage, Double Authentification & GNU-GPG email encryption fan.

  • Having MediaCenter done with an Aquarium filled with mineral oil, Retropies setup with remote controls and fans, domotic, home assistance & smart devices, is something usual to me.

  • Always seeking for new technologies, and need to learn more everyday.


Massimo Fasciano

Owner and Chief Technology Officer at Mafalitic Inc.
David is a dedicated IT professional with a remarkable level of adaptability. He is as good with low-level hardware issues as he is with complex software issues.[…] You can give David important responsibilities without any worries. He does not let you down.

Martin Tremblay

Administrateur Systèmes Chargé de Projets chez Umbrella Technologies
David est probablement l’un des administrateurs système Linux les plus efficaces et compétents qu’il m’ait été donné de côtoyer dans ma vie professionnelle. Il a de solides compétences dans la gestion de serveur Linux en haute disponibilité et a été responsable des systèmes pour plusieurs sites internet à haut trafic.

David Poellhuber

CISSP, Spam & eMail security expert and speaker, COO at ZEROSPAM
David est le rare type d’individu qui allie dans une même personne compétence technique et sens du service à la clientèle. Il parle couramment PPP – Php, Python et Perl. Il sait mener à terme les dossiers du début jusqu’à la fin et comprend les enjeux d’affaires. Un joueur d’équipe apprécié par ses collègues.

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